Accountsnts Professional Insurance

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  • Accounts Professional Liability insurance

    Accountants Professional Insurance 



    •          Minimum Premium $500

    •          Deductibles Beginning at $500

    •          Worldwide Protection

    •          A broad definition of covered professional services

    •          Automatic coverage for per diem employees and new hires

    •          Prior acts coverage automatically matched to expiring policy

    •          Innocent insured protection in the event of fraud

    •          Coverage for penalties and interest levied against your clients by taxing authorities as a result of professional errors

    •          Coverage for damages resulting from the loss of client records while in your custody or control

    •          Coverage for professional services in which a limited equity interest is held

    •          Two distinct options for defense costs to be paid in addition to the Limit of Liability, including an option without specific dollar limitations

    •          First Dollar Defense deductibles that apply to loss only, not claim expenses



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