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    A Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) combines business property and business liability insurance into one convenient policy. A BOP helps cover your business from claims resulting from things like fire, theft or another covered disaster and from claims involving bodily injury, property damage and personal and advertising injury that could arise from your business’ operations.

    What are the Most Costly Small Business Claims?

    Businesses can tailor a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) to help meet their unique needs by adding optional coverages like data breach, business income for off-premises utility services and other specialized coverages to their BOP.

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    Who needs a Business Owner’s Policy?

    You should consider a business owner’s policy if:
    • Your business has a physical location, whether it’s out of your home or a rented or owned office, store or other work place.
    • There’s a possibility of you being sued – for example, by a customer who was injured at your work place.
    • You have assets that could be stolen or damaged – whether they’re digital assets, customer data, equipment, furniture, cash or inventory.

    What’s the advantage of a Business Owner’s Policy?

    Purchasing a BOP is smart and convenient.  It simplifies coverage needs by including business property and business liability, two important coverages that most businesses need, in one policy. Compared to purchasing separate policies for business property and business liability, The Hartford's Business Owner's Policy (BOP) offers businesses a way to save money while getting broad coverage for things like fire, theft, lawsuits and loss of income. It’s an even smarter and more convenient choice because other important coverages can be added to it. Businesses with specific needs can tailor their business owner’s policy by adding additional coverages like business income for off-premises utility services, data breach and more, to suit the particular needs of their company.

    What does a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) typically include?

    • Business Property Insurance


      The Hartford's property insurance can help protect the property your business owns, leases or rents, including things like buildings, equipment, inventory, furniture and fixtures. It provides coverage for loss of accounts receivable and valuable papers and records.
    • Business Liability Insurance


      When it comes to liability protection, the broader the coverage the better. That's why The Hartford's BOP provides business liability insurance that helps cover your business in the event it is sued for causing harm to a person and/or damage to property. It also helps cover the cost of your defense – because businesses can be sued even if they did nothing wrong.
    • Business Income Coverage


      If unexpected events cause a suspension in your operations resulting from a covered cause of loss, The Hartford's BOP insurance will help replace loss of income to help you meet your continuing financial obligations such as rent or payroll.

    There are additional coverages that you can add to your business owner’s policy to help to tailor coverage to your specific needs. Here are two popular optional coverages that are frequently added to a Business Owner’s Policy:
    Data Breach Coverage
    Any business that handles or stores private customer, patient or employee information is at risk for a data breach. When this sensitive information is lost or stolen, it’s important to act quickly to restore confidence in your business. If a breach occurs, The Hartford’s Data breach coverage can help pay for the expenses to notify impacted individuals, engage credit monitoring services (if warranted), public relations and more. We also offer coverage to help with defense and settlement or judgment costs in the event your business is sued because of a breach.  And coverage is provided even if private data is stored internationally.  Additional coverage options can help:
    • Replace lost income and pay for extra expenses incurred to keep your business running if your business must close temporarily or slow operations due to a covered data breach.
    • Protect a business from a data breach that occurred prior to the policy effective date.
    • Pay for extortion expenses and ransom payments associated with the threat of a data breach.
    Data Breach coverage from The Hartford includes access to professionals who can help guide you on how to prevent breaches and how to manage should one occur.


    Professional Liability (Errors and Omissions) Coverage

    You put your professional judgment and expertise on the line just about every day. Even if you’ve done nothing wrong, your business can be sued by a customer or client claiming a negligent act, error or omission in the professional services you provided.  Add Professional Liability (Errors and Omissions) coverage to your BOP insurance to help protect your business from this type of claim. Some types of businesses may not be eligible for this coverage. 

    Beyond the Business Owner's Policy

    Do you have employees?

    For businesses with employees, Workers’ Compensation Insurance is important. Purchased separately from a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP)and mandatory in most states, Workers’ Compensation coverage pays an employee or employee’s family for medical costs in the event of a work related injury, illness or death. Workers’ Compensation also helps cover an employee’s income if they are out of work due to a covered illness or injury.


    Does your business own, rent or lease vehicles? 

    For companies that use cars and trucks for their business, Commercial Auto Insurance from The Hartford is another important policy you should consider.   Help protect your business from the potentially devastating financial losses your company could incur if you are or an employee is found at fault for an auto accident.

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    General Liability vs. Professional Liability


    Two Critical Coverages in One

    Now, one policy can help protect your business from occurrences like fire, theft, and storm damages, as well as lawsuits, and legal damages. The Hartford’s Business Owner’s Policy (“BOP”) brings together two vital coverages: Property and General Liability Insurance. Combining both types of coverages not only makes protecting your business simpler; it may be less expensive too.


    Business Property Insurance

    The Hartford’s BOP provides your business with comprehensive property insurance. It protects the property your business owns, as well as property it rents and leases. It even covers damaged computers, media and records.

    General Liability Insurance

    Even the best run businesses have to be ready for worst-case scenarios.Businesses can be sued for almost any reason: Negligence, personal injury, libel, slander, errors, omissions, faulty products, advertising misprints, etc. The Hartford’s BOP can help defend a business owner against allegations or wrongdoing regardless of whether the charges are founded or not.

    Proactive Protection

    Every business and industry is different. It’s why The Hartford’s BOP allows you to add options or increase coverage to handle emerging risks including:

    •  A data breach
    •  Lost income due to an off premises utility services failure or,
    •  A lawsuit filed by an employee.

    You can tailor your protection to your business’ specific needs. We offer economical options, available individually or as part of a cost-effective bundle. These options include:

    •  Off Premises Utility Services
    •  Data Breach Protection
    •  Dependent Properties Coverage
    •  Electronic Vandalism
    •  Extended Business Income Coverage





    Protection for Severe Weather and More

    Severe weather can force your business to face harsh realities. The fact is that 40% of businesses forced to close due to a storm will never reopen1. But it’s not the storm that typically wipes out a business. It’s the loss of income. Simply put, without income, many small businesses may have difficulty continuing to pay for:

    •  Employee salaries
    •  Rent
    •  Taxes
    •  Loans and other financial obligations

    That’s why The Hartford’s base Business Owner’s policy includes Business Income Coverage. It can help pay ongoing expenses while a business that’s forced to close due to severe weather takes the time to repair and recover.

    And a storm doesn’t have to physically hit your business’ location to damage your income.

    Loss of power, communications, and other essential services can shut down your business for days, even weeks. It’s why our Off-Premises Utility Services coverage provides broad, robust coverage to protect your business income.


    Income Protection Beyond Severe Weather

    While severe weather is making the headlines, it’s not the only thing that can cause your business to close. Fire, theft, and vandalism can threaten your business as well. Even if you’re protected by property and casualty insurance, the income lost while your business is being repaired or rebuilt often is not covered.

    Spectrum’s basic Business Income insurance covers:

    •  Net Income (Profit or Loss before income taxes) that would have been earned or incurred
    •  Continuing normal operating expenses for up to 12 consecutive months after the date of loss
    •  Employee salaries and benefits

    Plus, with The Hartford’s Business Income insurance you have the option to extend coverage for up to 12 months.


    business owners policy offers an affordable way for you to obtain

    property and liability insurance. This policy

    includes key coverages

    that are important to any business, and also offers

    additional business-specific options that are important for any building owner.

    Property highlights

    Property coverage covers your building and business personal property for replacement cost with no coinsurance.

    •     Accounts receivable:

    –    Coverage is included up to $25,000 on and off premises. On-premises limit may be increased.

    –    Deductible does not apply

    •     Business income and extra expense:

    –    Covers income that is lost due to suspended operations caused by damage at the described premises from a covered cause of loss. This is an optional coverage

    for Pac PlusSM.

    –    Business PacSM

    –    Automatically included and includes rental value

    –    Included on an actual loss sustained basis for up to 12 consecutive months

    –    Coverage may also be written on a policy or location level basis for any dollar limit without the 12-month limitation

    –    Business Pac PlusSM

    –    Optional

    –    When selected, the coverage may be written with a policy or location level dollar limit. The dollar limit is based on 50 percent of annual receipts and may be modified.

    •     Business personal property off premises:

    –    Coverage for business personal property off premises is provided, including while in transit or temporarily away from the scheduled premises and at a premises you do not own, lease or operate; or at any fair, trade show or exhibition.

    •     Crime coverage:

    –    Employee dishonesty and forgery or alteration coverage are both included up to $25,000 and limit may be increased

    –    Money and securities are included within business personal property. Theft of money and securities is limited to $25,000 for Business Pac Plus. Limit may be increased.

    –    Theft damage to rented property coverage is included within business personal property when tenant is contractually obligated to make repairs

    •     Electronic data processing equipment, data and media:

    –    Coverage is included subject to the business personal property limit, for a maximum of $50,000

    –    Limit may be increased

    –    Coverage applies worldwide

    –    Enhanced perils under this coverage extension include protection against loss by electrical current, mechanical breakdown and power failure

    –    Off-premises (including transit) coverage, backup data off-premises coverage and newly acquired equipment coverage included up to $25,000

    •     Equipment breakdown:

    –    Coverage for equipment breakdown is included within applicable limits

    –    Diagnostic equipment, power-generating equipment, and production equipment are limited to $100,000 for direct damage. Limit may be increased.

    –    Service interruption of water, communication or power supply services is covered from a covered breakdown (when business income and extra expense is covered)

    •     Fine arts:

    –   Up to $25,000

    –    Coverage applies anywhere in the coverage territory

    –    The breakage limitation does not apply

    –    Limited exclusions

    –    Special valuation terms

    –    Limit may be increased

    •     Signs:

    –    Coverage for signs within 1,000 feet is included within the building limit when building coverage is written or within business personal property limit when tenant is contractually obligated

    •     Valuable papers and records:

    –    Coverage is included up to $25,000 on and off premises. On-premises limit may be increased.

    –    Includes the cost to research, replace or restore lost  information

    General liability highlights

    General liability coverage protects you against claims for damages because of bodily injury or property damage to others resulting from your business operations.

    •     General liability limits of $1 million per occurrence/

    $2 million aggregate are standard for Business Pac and

    Business Pac Plus with an option for higher limits of

    $2 million per occurrence/$4 million aggregate available for Business Pac

    •     Bodily injury and property damage liability

    •     Medical payments for $5,000 per person

    •     Damage to premises rented to you is included up to

    $300,000. Limit may be increased

    •     Host liquor liability

    •     Limited worldwide coverage

    •     Personal and advertising injury

    •     Premises liability

    •     Products/completed operations liability



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