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For building services contractors, being under intense scrutiny is just part of the job – especially when it comes to damage and loss. Travelers customers benefit from specialized, industry-specific underwriting, risk control analysis and claim service tailored to the nuances of today’s businesses. We write more than 250 building services contractors across the country. We have the strength and expertise to give your customers the coverage and support needed to keep operations running smoothly in the event of loss or damage.



Building Services Contractors (BSC) operate in a wide variety  of environments, from shopping malls during the day to offices after hours – making the proper execution of employee safety procedures challenging. With BSC employee injury rates higher than the national average,2 you need someone who understands your unique risks. Travelers has the expertise and can offer the right products and services to address these needs.

Xtend Endorsement® for Service Industries: Bundles commonly requested general liability coverage extensions including, Broadened Named Insured and Blanket Waiver of Subrogation.

Limited Care, Custody or Control: Provides protection for  damage to property of others arising out of your cleaning operations.

Inland Marine – Loss of Master Key: If a master key or key cards are lost or damaged, this coverage will pay for the cost to replace the keys and the cost to adjust/replace the locks to accept new keys.

Crime: Travelers Bond department provides crime coverage, which acts as a backstop against the actions of a thieving employee, protecting both your assets and your shareholders’ investment.

Business Auto Extension Endorsement: Conveniently offers a specialized bundle of 14 commonly requested auto coverages in one single form. Employees as Insureds is a key coverage, extending protection to employees using personal vehicles for business.

Workers  compensation

•     Ability to provide coverage for building services contractors with operations across the country

•     TravComp® – Combining state-of-the-art technology with co-located claim and medical professionals

Highlights include:

–   Extensive preferred provider networks with a presence in all 50 states

–   Pharmacy network

–   Focus on early intervention

–   Medical case management

–   Return-to-work programs

–   Medical cost containment

General liability

•     Provides a Building Service Contractors Extension Endorsement – Limited Care, Custody Or Control Coverage

•     XTEND Endorsement® includes:

–   Broadened named insured

–   Damages to premises rented to you extension

–   Blanket additional insured

–   Manager/lessor of leased premises

–   Lessor of leased equipment

–   Incidental medical malpractice

–   Extension of coverage – bodily injury

–   Injury to co-employees

–   Aircraft chartered with crew


•     Liability and physical damage

•     Rental reimbursement

•     Business auto coverage extension

–   Broad form named insured

–   Blanket waiver of subrogation

–   Employees as insureds

–   Hired auto – Worldwide coverage

–   Unintentional errors & omissions


Umbrella/excess liability

•     Providing excess layers of protection over your liability coverages

•     Flexible and substantial limits capacity

•     Built-in coverages including:

–   Worldwide territory

–   Insured status for employed health professionals

–   Follow form fellow employee coverage


•     Broad coverage on buildings and personal property

•     Blanket/agreed value options

•     Accounts receivable

•     Claim data expense

•     Expediting expense

•     Newly constructed or acquired property – up to 90 days

•     Each building

–   BPP each premises

•     Pollutant cleanup and removal

•     Valuable papers and records

•     Property in transit/off premises

•     Electronic data processing equipment, data or media

Business income

•     Newly acquired locations – up to 90 days

•     Extended business income – up to 30 days

•     Claim data expense

Other coverages available by endorsement

•     Utility services – direct damage

•     Utility services – time element

•     Business income from dependent properties

•     Utility services – direct damage


Inland marine

Providing scheduled property, exhibition, transportation coverages and more.

•     Scheduled property contains the following coverage extensions:

–   Newly acquired property is covered for up to 90 days

–   Valuable papers and records

–   Fire department service charges

•     Scheduled property coverage can be modified to include coverage for lost keys


•     Optional endorsement providing coverage for the theft of a client’s property

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Building Services Contractors Insurance Coverages