California Fair Plan Commercial Policy
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  • Fair Plan Policy


    A COMMERCIAL POLICY is for buildings with 5 or more habitational units  such as apartment buildings, retail mercantile, manufacturing risks, office buildings, and residential or commercial buildings under construction (COC).

    Coverage includes fire, lightning, and explosion. The policy is based on Actual Cash Value unless you choose to have Replacement Cost.

    Extended coverage such as Vandalism can be added for additional coat.

    Coverages Available

    Building – Includes coverage for the building and any outdoor fixtures, machinery, and equipment attached to the building.

    Business Personal Property – Covers building personal property of the building.

    Personal Property of Others – Covers personal property of others as long as it is within vicinity of the property.
    Covers the structure while the structure is goingb through course of construction.

    This type of policy has its own underwriting and construction plans and durations must be submitted prior to start of the policy.

    Debris Removal – Pays up to 25% of paid losses to cover debru removal.

    Preservation of Property – If it is necessary to move covered property from the described premises to preserve it from loss or damage from a covered cause of loss, we will pay for loss to that property while it is being moved or temporarily stored elsewhere, but only if the loss or damage occurs within 10 days after the property is first moved.

    Fire Department Service Charge – Up to $1,000 for Fire Department charges.

    Pollutant Clean Up & Removal – Up to $10,000 for pollutant clean up.

    Deductibles - Deductiobles from $0 to $10,000



  • GET A QUOTE: Call Toll Free (800) 707-4690