Commercial Umbrella Insurance      
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    Commercial Umbrella Insurance; Because Accidents Happen

    Umbrella liability insurance protects you when accidents happen and your existing liability insurance policies cannot cover all expenses. Standard business liability coverage will take care of you in most situations, but when serious situations arise, umbrella liability insurance will help ensure that your business is protected. While no one wants accidents to happen, they do - and people sue. Here are a few possibilities:
    Your company holiday party gets out of hand resulting in various injuries and damages
    Your building has a carbon monoxide leak that results in multiple injuries and/or deaths
    Your business fails to render the appropriate professional services

    Cover your business with umbrella liability insurance A business umbrella policy picks up where your business auto liability, general liability or other liability coverage stops. Umbrella insurance is an inexpensive way to provide extra coverage against bodily injury and/or property damage.

    For example, if your current policy covers you for $1 million and you are successfully sued for $1.5 million, your business umbrella coverage can pay the outstanding $500,000—which is a lot less painful than having it come out of your business profits.

    Umbrella liability insurance coverage tailored to your business needs How much commercial umbrella insurance coverage does your business need? A variety of factors goes into determining the answer, including the type of business you own and how much coverage you already have.

    The rising cost of lawsuits and judgments are important for today's business owner to consider. Catastrophic liability losses can happen to any business at any time. The time and effort you have taken to build your business is too important for it to disappear after one unforeseen event. Highlights of the Commercial Umbrella Policy include:

    Combination Umbrella and Excess Liability policy—Coverage A provides excess liability over Commercial Liability, Commercial Auto Liability and Employers Liability; Coverage B provides broadened coverage.
    Covers the cost of bonds to release attachments and bail bonds required because of accidents or traffic law violations.

    Covers "prejudgment interest" awarded against the "insured" on that part of the judgment we pay.
    Covers with respect to any claim we investigate or settle, or any "suit" against an insured we defend, all reasonable expenses incurred including actual loss of earnings up to $1,000 a day.

    Platinum Protection is a comprehensive insurance program providing a full line of coverage options for today’s affluent homeowner in all 50 states. With products ranging from personal umbrella to coastal wind, we have the markets to insure most hard to place risks. We specialize in: celebrities, coastal property investors, residential builder’s risk, and insured's with claim history. Our goal is to be your first and best choice for products and services we offer. Given the opportunity, we’ll earn your confidence.


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