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Cyber Liability, Network Security, & Privacy/Data Breach

How difficult is it to break into your network and steal your data, your clients data, and your company's financial and confidential documents?  A 16 year old kid can do it to you.  In a matter of minutes, you would have a blank network with all the information in hands of few juveniles in a Third World country demanding thousands or millions of dollars to release your data.

Either you pay, or you will face your clients lawsuits against you.


Has it happened to you?

If any company claims their network is safe, they are just selling you sweet dreams. Hackers access Chase Bank, US Department of Defense, Target store, and thousands of other corporations. They have no mercy as they hacked into non-profit Children's Hospital In Los Angeles.  You hear a few of these breach of data, but mostly just kept under the radar.



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  • Cyber Liability, Network Security, & Privacy/Data Breach Insurance

    Cyber Liability, Network Security, & Privacy/Data Breach






    •           Advertising Agencies

    •           Application Service Providers

    •           Authors/Publishers/Broadcasters

    •           Consultants

    •           Data Warehousing & Processors

    •           Disaster Recovery

    •           Document Management & Electronic Data

    •           Enterprise Resource Planning

    •           Equipment  Evaluation/Selection

    •           Financial Institutions & Services

    •           Graphic Design

    Healthcare Organizations

    •           Higher Education

    •           Hospitality

    •           IT Providers

    •           Internet Retailers & Providers

    •           Law Firms

    •           Media

    •           Merchandising

    •           Network Administration, Design, Analysis, & Engineering

    •           Non-technology Businesses with Network Exposures

    •           Outsourcing Companies

    •           Physicians

    •           Quality Assurance Consulting

    •           Record Management Retrieval

    •           Retailers

    •           Software Developers & Providers

    •           Staffing Agencies

    •           System Administration & Integration

    •           Telecommunications

    •           Training

    •           TV & Film Producers

    •           Website Design & Programming





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