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    Why Buy Liquor Liability in a State with Favorable or No Dram Shop Laws?



    We live in a litigious society with catastropic injuries associated with liquor liability accidents

     We live in a litigious society with catastropic injuries associated with liquor liability accidents

    Sympathy for the victim can trigger high jury awards, regardless of fault


    Insurance protects the business and personal assets in the event of a large jury award


    Defense costs can be expensive


    USLI provides a defense counsel that specializes in liquor liability with proven track records to advocate for the policyholder and provide guidance


    Insurance provides peace of mind and protects assets and the business


    Opportunity to purchase assault or battery coverage

    Claim Example:

    A retail liquor store sold alcohol to an adult who provided it to a minor. That minor became intoxicated and caused an auto accident resulting in death and serious injury to passengers. In the state where this accident occurred, a commercial seller of alcohol is only legally liable if they sell alcohol to an obviously intoxicated minor.

    Despite the fact that a minor did not purchase the alcohol, multiple plaintiffs filed suits. The insured was covered by liquor liability insurance.


    At the direction of a USLI claims examiner, the defense counsel filed a request that the court reject the suit based on a failure to state a legally recognizable cause of action. The court granted the request and one plaintiff dismissed their action. The other plaintiff filed an amended complaint to which the insured’s counsel again filed the same request. This time the court overruled the request, letting the suit continue, and the insured appealed. Ultimately, the remaining plaintiff dismissed their suit.


    Total legal defense costs: $48,460 Total cost to the insured: $0*


    *Aside from insurance premiums.

    Bar and Restaurant Product

    Do you have the right coverage?

    u        General liability that includes coverage for mental anguish or emotional distress

    u        Flexibility to provide coverage for renovations

    u        Coverage for your liquor liability exposure


    Why choose our Bar and Restaurant product?

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    General liability that expands the definition of bodily injury to include mental anguish or emotional distress with no deductible

    Liquor liability coverage available

    Replacement cost coverage available

    Special cause of loss available

    Loss of income coverage including loss of rents available

    Equipment breakdown coverage including a $250,000 food spoilage sublimit available

    Value Plus endorsement is available on accounts eligible for Special Form offering 15 valuable coverage enhancements including: water back-up, money and securities, employee dishonesty, signs, electronic data, transit and more

    Specialized claims unit with expertise in liquor liability

    Assault or battery covered on many risks

    Defense/Expense costs included outside the limits

    Liquor Liability Insurance Brochure

    Liquore Liability Insurance

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