Marijuana business Insurance (California Only)

Marijuana Insurance Coverage 


•  General Liability (premises-only; X-Products)

•  Property

•  Package

•  Low minimum premiums

•  Low deductibles





•  Marijuana Dispensaries, Growers, or LRO


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•  General Liability: 1/2 limits; stripped down coverage

•  Property: Special Form with $25K theft sublimit. Stock is valued at ACV for dispensaries. No stock coverage for growers.






•  For marijuana dispensaries, availability follows state legal status.



Property Market

for Cannabis


The brokers at Worldwide Facilities aim to keep abreast of trends and prepare for rising industries and new products. We lay the foundation and do the research to find the best carriers and coverages so you can focus on customer service. Stay ahead of the curve—contact

us when a unique, new risk presents itself.



PRODUCT FEATURES                                         

•  Easy submission process - no application

•   Remit the SOV along with loss history

•  Broad property coverage for cannabis businesses including coverage for growing plants

•  Quote in any state where a cannabis law has been passed

•   Agreed Amount valuation for growing plants

•   No coinsurance

•   USA based insurer




Property Market for Cannabis  in PDF Format   and in MS Word Format


Marijuana Insurance in PDF Format   and in MS Word Format




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