IndustryEdge for Retailers gives the coverage and support needed to keep operations running smoothly in the event of loss or damage. Travelers customers benefit from specialized, industry-specific underwriting, risk control analysis and claim service tailored to the nuances of today’s businesses.

Target markets include:







Auto and home supply stores


Men’s and boy’s clothing and accessory stores




Miscellaneous apparel and accessory stores


Camera and photography supply store


Miscellaneous food stores


Candy, nut and confectionery stores


Miscellaneous general merchandise stores


Children’s and infants’ wear stores


Miscellaneous home furnishings stores


Computer and computer software stores


Miscellaneous retail stores, NEC


Dairy products stores


Musical instrument stores


Department stores


News dealers and newsstands


Drapery, curtain and upholstery stores


Paint, glass and wallpaper stores


Family clothing stores


Radio, television and consumer electronics stores


Floor covering stores


Record and prerecorded tape stores




Retail bakeries


Fruit and vegetable markets


Retail nurseries, lawn and garden supply stores


Furniture stores


Sewing, needlework and piece goods stores


Gift, novelty and souvenir shops


Shoe stores


Grocery stores


Sporting goods stores and bicycle shops


Hardware stores


Stationery Stores


Household appliance stores


Variety stores


Luggage and leather goods stores


Women’s accessory and specialty stores


Lumber and other building materials dealers


Women’s clothing stores


Meat and fish (seafood) markets, including freezer provisioners







•     Broad, flexible coverage on Buildings and Business Personal Property

•     Peak season limit of insurance endorsement

•     Selling price provision on stock held for sale

•     Equipment breakdown

–   Spoilage

–   Ammonia contamination

–   Hazardous substance

•     Business income/extra expense

–   Dependent property

•     Newly acquired locations – up to 180 Days

•     Ordinance or law

•     Claim data expense

•     Accounts receivable

•     Valuable papers

Workers  compensation

Keeping workers safe and getting them back to work in the event of an injury is crucial. TravComp® is Travelers’ unique workers compensation claim management process.

Highlights include:

•     Extensive preferred provider networks with a presence in all 50 states

•     Pharmacy network

•     Focus on early intervention

•     Medical case management

•     Return-to-work programs

•     Medical cost containment

General liability

XTEND Endorsement®:

•     Broadened named insured

•     Damages to premises rented to you extension

•     Blanket additional insured

–   Managers/lessors of leased premises

–   Lessors of leased equipment

•     Incidental medical malpractice

•     Extension of coverage

–   Bodily injury

•     Injury to co-employees and co-volunteer workers

•     Aircraft chartered with crew


•     Liability and physical damage

•     Rental reimbursement

•     Composite rated

•     Business auto coverage extension

–   Broad form named insured

–   Blanket waiver of subrogation

–   Employees as insureds

–   Hired car - Worldwide coverage

–   Unintentional errors & omissions

Umbrella/excess liability

•     Providing excess layers of protection over your liability coverages

•     Flexible and substantial limits capacity

•     Built-in coverages including:

–   Worldwide territory

–   Insured status for employed health professionals

–   Follow form fellow employee coverage

Inland marine

Highlights include:

•     Computerized business equipment

•     Contractor’s  equipment

•     Transportation

Ocean marine

Providing Worldwide cargo coverage for your goods.

Executive liability

There are a wide variety of business operations that present exposures other than persons or property; Travelers can help here as well.

Highlights include:

•     Directors & officers

•     Employment practices

•     Fiduciary and miscellaneous professional liability

•     Crime

•     Kidnap & ransom

•     Identity fraud expense reimbursement insurance




Travelers Client AdvantageSM provides layers of services beyond the policy, with professional services that can help you to mitigate losses, and delivers prompt, fair claim payment when a covered loss does occur. Our size and scale enable us to invest in targeted industry expertise so we can better understand our customers’ businesses.

Risk control services

Travelers’ nationwide staff of Risk Control professionals provides consultative, practical and cost-effective solutions to address the industry-specific risk management needs of our customers, including:

•     Fire protection engineering

•     Slips, trips and falls management

•     Product liability (including imported products)

•     Premises and operations liability (including contractual risk transfer)

•     Ergonomics and materials handling

Risk Control’s Customer Portal ( control) is a 24/7 resource for safety and risk management information, as well as educational and training opportunities. By registering, Travelers

policyholders gain exclusive access to more than 1,500 resources and tools including:


•     TravSources® for Slips, Trips and Falls Management – a collection of safety and loss prevention resources designed to help manage slip, trip and fall exposures

•     Travelers Virtual Risk ManagerSM – an online self-assessment tool that helps identify safety performance gaps across a broad spectrum of risks

•     TravCoursesSM – a wide selection of classroom, webinar and computer-based training courses, many provided at no cost

•     Complimentary newsletters and news alerts to stay current on safety and risk control-related developments

Claim services

Travelers’ state-of-the-art TravComp® workers compensation claim management technology combines with more than 2,500 co-located claims and medical professionals to promptly handle, thoroughly investigate and fairly resolve workers compensation claim issues.

Travelers’ nationwide network of highly-trained claims professionals are equipped to manage claims to prompt and fair resolutions.

Travelers’ catastrophe response team, arguably the best in the industry, has mobile units ready for immediate dispatch.


When an unexpected loss occurs, we offer convenient claim reporting by phone or Internet – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 800.238.6225/

You know that queasy, uneasy feeling you get when you think about all the pitfalls that could be lurking outside your front window, just waiting to pull the welcome mat out from under your business?

Imagine how much better you’d feel if you could put your mind at ease.

Here are some of our best ideas about how to protect your retail business from serious snags, so the Age of Disruption doesn’t take the wind out of your sales.

Disruption #18: Profits sink into an unexpected hazard

A golf shop’s revenues take an unexpected dip during the high-traffic summer months. When the owners  start monitoring their security video, they discover a trusted employee has been skimming money from the register and pilfering clubs, balls and other merchandise from inventory. Of course, most employees play fair, but retailers can’t ignore the fact that employee theft in the U.S. accounts for 43% ($18 billion) in shrinkage and lost revenue per year.1 Master PacSM offers protection for Employee Theft and Dishonesty to cover theft of money, property or inventory by an employee. This is a valuable feature that many insurers don’t automatically include in a standard Business Owners Policy (BOP). We do – and our coverage is better

than par.


Disruption #901: Definitely not a DIY project

During a hurricane, a tree falls onto overhead power lines, causing a two-day outage at the local hardware store. The retailer’s business operations are suspended. Customers can’t fix up their homes with the tools, equipment and other supplies they need until power is restored and the retailer can resume selling.

Power Pac PremierSM offers protection from interruption of utility services to a client’s location, so the hardware store owner has coverage up to $25,000* for each location listed on the policy.

*State specific limits may apply.


Disruption #168: Let’s get this party started (again)

A popular brick-and-mortar party supplies store has seen its online sales go bananas. Business is booming until an electrical storm hits. A power surge fries a laptop, two electronic registers and both the inventory and order management systems. Customer data is lost, orders can’t be taken, and merchandise can’t

be shipped. Fortunately the party planner in chief purchased Master Pac protection with Computer Equipment, Data & Media (aka EDP coverage). This covers loss or damage to computers, computer-based register systems, computer hardware, software management systems and electronic data – including customer, delivery and inventory data.


A bakery owner who rents space in a strip mall is nervous about a rash of smash-and-grab burglaries in her quiet neighborhood. One morning, her fears are realized. Her storefront window is broken, ingredients and supplies are missing, and graffiti is sprayed across the walls. Master Pac automatically provides coverage up to the Business Personal Property (BPP) limit to reimburse business tenants for the cost of damage related to vandalism, robbery or theft, or attempted theft to rented property – provided the insured is contractually obligated to pay for such damage.

An important note! If your business has an Electronic Vandalism loss – for example, if a hacking event, virus or malware burns your transactional website – you also have coverage, with a $25,000 sublimit. You’ll find our coverage is sweeter than most.


Disruption #267: All that glitters is not protected by the firewall

An upscale jeweler caters to a stylish clientele with expensive tastes. The store enjoys a 24k reputation until a good customer reports fraudulent activity on her platinum card. Then the same thing happens to another customer. Then a dozen more. In less than a day, the malware that infected the point-of-sale terminal, and

stole customer data, is found and fixed. But the store’s good name is tarnished in the papers and social media.

High-end hackers are devious, and always on the prowl for new ways to exploit holes in a retailer’s cybersecurity. In fact, almost half of all retail businesses consider cyber risks and data breaches to be their greatest concern.2 CyberFirst Essentials® – Small Business helps protect your bottom line from the costs of failing to prevent unauthorized access to, or use of, customer identity information. Covered expenses including customer notification (often mandatory), credit monitoring, forensic fees to identify the cause  of the data breach, and public relations expenses. It also covers legal defense fees, damages, including

court-awarded judgments, as well as payment card penalties* and chargebacks from credit card companies.

*Covered if agreed upon in a merchant service agreement.


Disruption #63: No more moves

Days before the start of the holiday shopping season, a toy store is banking on the arrival of 500 copies of the season’s most highly anticipated video game. Then the shipment is postponed indefinitely because a fire ripped through their primary supplier’s warehouse, destroying the merchandise. There’s no way to obtain stock from other suppliers this late in the game. But the store’s owners have one more power-up to play. Master Pac provides coverage for the store owners’ revenue loss when a major supplier is impacted by a covered cause of loss – up to $10,000 in our standard policy and up to $25,000 with our Power Pac Premier endorsement.


Disruption #704: 80% of winning is showing up

A trophy store sends out a large shipment of medals and plaques for a tots’ soccer league awards ceremony. Parents, coaches and players are eagerly anticipating the big event. So, when the store owner gets a call from the irate league president, she knows the delivery has gone out of bounds. Master Pac offers coverage up the BPP limit* to cover shipments from a business to a customer, or shipments to the business policyholder from a supplier, that are damaged or lost because of a covered cause of loss. This is truly trophy-worthy coverage, since most competitors restrict this limit.

*Shipments sent via US Postal Service are not covered.


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