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    business owner insurance


    Business Owners Policy Insurance Beverly Hills


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    Eligible Businesses Include

    •    Tattoo and Body Piercing Artists with 3 years experience or certifi            of training

    •    Apprentice Artists working with mentors


    Coverages Available

    •    General Liability

    •    Professional Liability

    •    Property

    •    Inland Marine


    Coverage Options Available

    Coverage can be provided at a sublimit for the following:

    •    Molestation or Abuse up to $100,000/$100,000 limits

    •    Assault or Battery up to $100,000/$100,000 limits


    Limits Available

    •    General Liability limits up to $1 Million / $2 Million

    •    Professional limits up to $1 Million Each Claim /

    $1 Million Aggregate


    Underwriting Requirements

    •    Completed and Signed ACORD Application

    •    Completed and Signed Tattoo and Body Piercing Supplemental Application

    •    Loss History (3-5 years)

    Ineligible Risks

    •    Tattoo removal

    •    Permanent cosmetics

    •    Stretch mark services including camoufl             services

    •    Bolting, branding or cutting services

    •    Human suspension

    •    Genital piercing of minors

    •    Tattooing or body piercing of minors, if prohibited by state regulations


    Penn-America Group Offers

    •    Localized underwriting expertise

    •    Flexible terms and conditions

    •    Quick turnaround time with completed application

    •    Responsive, service-oriented claims personnel

    •    Policies written on Non-Admitted Paper rated “A” (Excellent) XII by A.M. Best

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