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    Workers Compensation Insurance in California

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    Our Targeted Classes Include:


    • Artisan Contractors • Attorneys • Auto Repair & Service
    • Bakeries • Bars, Lounges, or Taverns • Beauty, Barber, or Hairstyling Salons
    • Breweries • Buildings–Operations • Cabinet Makers & Installers
    • Clubs–Civic, Fraternal, Social • Colleges • Concrete & Cement Work
    • Concrete Products Mfg • Convenience Stores • Doctors and Dentists
    • Electricians • Food Processors • Furniture Assembly & Mfg (Wood)
    • Gas Stations • Grocery Stores • HVAC Contractors
    • Hotels • Janitorial Services • Land Grading
    • Laundry & Dry Cleaners • Machine Shops • Manufacturing
    • Plastic Manufacturing • Plumbing • Printing
    • Private Schools • Professional Offices/Clerical • Restaurants
    • Retail Stores • Storage Warehouses • Wholesalers

    Workers’ compensation provides benefits to employees for work-related injuries or illnesses including medical care, wages from lost work time, and more. It also provides a deceased workers’ family with a financial benefit. If a workers’ family decides to sue a company, it can also help cover the related legal fees.

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    Why get The Hartford Insurance Workers Comp?
    Workers’ compensation insurance can help protect your business and employees in events such as these:
    • An employee slips on ice, injures himself while walking up the stairs to the office, and requires an emergency room visit and weeks of recovery time.
    • An employee injures her back lifting a box of printer paper and requires a doctor’s attention, medication and physical therapy.
    • An employee returning to the office from visiting a client is injured in a car accident and requires hospitalization.
    With workers’ compensation insurance, The Hartford will help pay for the medical expenses needed to treat these job related injuries and illnesses. Workers’ compensation will also help employees keep their income while they take time off to recover.
    Find out how you help your business and your employees by getting a quote today.

    Am I required to have Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

    Workers' compensation insurance is required by law in most states and each state's requirements can vary significantly. Specialists at The Hartford can help explain the specific obligations required by each state and help ensure businesses get the coverage they need.

    How Workers’ Compensation works.

    When employees suffer a work related injury or illness, The Hartford Workers' Compensation protection helps cover wages and medical benefits and gives them access to experienced, caring professionals at every step of their recovery.
    We have programs designed  to support companies, promote employee safety and well-being and help get personnel back to work as soon as reasonably possible; or if necessary, to other transitional work, and possibly  training for new skills. If an employee can't return to work, the coverage can provide a long-term benefit.
    The advantages of coverage from The Hartford include:
    • Preferred Medical Provider Network: Employees can tap into our nationwide network of more than one million providers experienced in treating workplace injuries.
    • Prescription Drug Features: More than 65,000 participating pharmacies throughout the US are available to fill prescriptions, usually with no out-of-pocket expense to the injured worker. The convenience of mail order service is just a phone call or click away.
    • Nursed Back to Health: The Hartford provides highly experienced nurse case managers to help coordinate care and treatment along with physical, emotional and occupational therapies.
    • Pay-as-You-Go Billing Solutions: Our pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation billing solution bases premium payments on actual payroll, which can help you manage cash flow and reduce audit surprises.

    Reasons to choose us:

    1. We have over 100 insurance companies to find the best Workers Comp Coverages at rates for you.
    2. We are looking for long term relationship in our clients; we make sure they happy and satisfied.
    3. We can cover just about any business in California with the insurance Coverages they desire.
    4. You will not waste time calling a dozen agents or insurance companies with limited selection of Coverages.
    5. We are located in heart of Beverly Hills, not a call center in an unknown country. We obey the laws of California and write only with California Admitted Insurance companies in good financial standing.

    Read State of California information brochure on Workers Compensation Insurance

    Read State of California Guidelines to Workers Comp (ENGLISH)

    Read State of California Guidelines to Workers Comp (SPANISH)

    Employers are legally obligated to take reasonable care to assure that their workplaces are safe. Nevertheless, accidents happen. When they do, workers compensation insurance provides coverage. Carrying Workers Compensation insurance protects employees by providing benefits for job-related injuries or illnesses. And it helps protect you and your company by reducing the risk of lawsuits.

    Call us to find the right coverage need for your business. We are an independent insurance agency where we shop for you needs among a number of eligible companies. You not only win with price, but have options to choose from that can be even more important like calculation of premiums, deductibles, assigned risk, and more. We are happy to go over it all with you. Call us today with any questions you might have, even on your existing policy!


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    With The Hartford's Workers' Comp, It's About More than Coverage
    Thanks to your partnership, The Hartford is, and will continue to be, a market leader for Workers' Comp. For over a century, our program has set the standard for value, innovation and injured worker care. It's these standards that help you deliver a solution that reflects what's uniquely important to each small business owner.
    If a healthy workforce tops an employer's list, talk to them about how customers of The Hartford have access to value-add programs, at significant discounts, that promote employee safety and well-being. These include:
    Shoes for Crews®, which provides access to slip-resistant footwear
    The Naturally Slim Program®, which teaches participants behavior modification, helping them to eat mindfully
    Herman Miller®, which provides access to high-quality ergonomic furniture
    If getting injured workers back to work is a priority, we've got them covered. Our claim management programs promote better outcomes, helping employees return to work quickly. This approach helps keep costs under control, which could have a positive impact on a customer's future premiums.
    And if price is the primary driver of the purchase decision, we deliver there too. Our Broad Form Endorsement is automatically added to every Workers' Comp policy The Hartford writes, helping you offer customers the greatest value for their insurance dollar. It includes features like Other States Notification and Voluntary Compensation.
    We know Workers' Compensation is often thought of and sold as a commodity. Take a moment to read our magazine article which includes three steps you can take to help find the right fit for your customers. Or look for it in Insurance Journal, PC 360 and PIA Connection next month and in Independent Agent in July. This ad will also appear in upcoming issues of the same publications.
    Offer your customers a solution that can help keep their bottom line and employees healthy while giving you a competitive advantage. Quote The Hartford's Workers' Compensation today.



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