Wrap Around Homeowner Insurance      
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    Wrap Around Insurance

    What os Wrap Insurance for Homeowners? -Wrap policy, also known as Wrap Around Insurance Policy, Difference in Condition, and a few more.


     Not all homes are built equally.  In many instances, a property is too old, or located in a brush area which makes it inelligible for regular homeowner insurance policy through most insurance companies.

    Other factors contributing could be the type of roof, or generally any factor that makes insurance companies to walk away from the given property.

    When insurance companies reject writing a regular HO3 homeowner policy for a given property, the agent will look for alternatives which would most likely include California Fair Plan policy;   Fair Plan policies can cover the property against Fire, Vandalism, and Lightening.

    Fair Plan also has options to cover personal belongings in case of fire and vandalism, but not theft.

    What does Wrap Around Policy Cover? - While the Fair Plan policy covers against fire and vandalism, it does not cover for Liability, Theft, Water damage, and many other coverages included in regular homeowners insurance policy.  This is where Wrap Around Insurance policy comes into play.

    Wrap Around Insurance policy covers most, if not all, of the coverages, except those associated with Fire and smoke.

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  • GET A QUOTE: Call Toll Free (800) 707-4690